What are my hobbies?


I like playing games, using blender and paint.net to make some logos. I’m learning blender for 3d art, and in the meantime I usually play minecraft or Dota 2. This is one of my hobbies

Code, and website building

I seriously LOVE making html pages, learning more css and js, I want to learn python & C# well soon, but currently I’m focusing more on html and css to make my own pages.

About Me -

Hey! I’m prince. You probably know me by now, seeing that you’re on my website. I’m 13, so barely a teen. I love playing games and learning code! It’s one of my passions. I read books rarely, and I love talking to my friends! If you want to know more about me –

My Projects -

Since I’m still learning, there isn’t many projects. Still, I’ll update the my projects page everytime I do something major! It’s mostly just paint.net art and code, html, css and all the rest. Soon there may be some unity content too! If you want to know more, go to the My Projects page! –


I play a lot of MC! It’s a great game, and I practise PvP on it almost everyday. I can Axe PvP, Rod PvP, crystal PvP and more. It’s really fun, and if you want to play just DM me on discord or telegram! (Java edition) Princey#7815, and @Princey3 respectively. Will see you there!

Why did you make this website?